If you enjoy a Bloody Mary during brunch, or perhaps after a long day at work, there could be some ways to make your drink even better. Pay attention to the few elements that comprise your cocktail, and be sure that you are buying the best ingredients for optimal results.

Try the following to improve your Bloody Mary's taste and presentation:

The glass.

Believe it or not, the glass that you serve your drink in makes a difference. A stemmed glass prevents your hands from warming the beverage, keeping it colder for a longer time. A tall, narrow glass allows for you to add lots of ice and has the height for a celery stalk garnish.

The vodka.

You use some pretty spicy, bold flavors in a Bloody Mary, so it isn't necessary to use the most expensive, top-shelf vodka in your drink to make it tasty. Experiment with some of the flavored vodkas available in some liquor venues, including flavors such as cilantro, lemon, and even bacon! A good rule of thumb is to use equal portions of vodka and mixer for a stiff Bloody Mary with lots of flavor.

The olives.

There are many reasons why you add olives to a Bloody Mary, including as a tasty garnish on a spear or dropped in the bottom of your drink. Olives also have an acidity that complements the rich flavors of the cocktail. If you don't care to add olives, you may want to add a lemon slice or squeeze of lemon juice to your drink before serving.

The rim.

It is not uncommon to order a Bloody Mary in a bar or high-end restaurant and have it served with a rim of some sort. This is achieved by moistening the rim of the glass, and then dipping it in something textural, such as salt, sugar, spices, or other ingredients. The key is to select a rim that enhances the flavors of the drink, so a Bloody Mary might be best when rimmed with smoked sea salt, red pepper flakes, or celery salt.

The garnish.

The traditional garnish for one of these concoctions is a fresh celery stalk, but many individuals are upping the game with some clever and tasty garnishes for their variation on this cocktail classic. Skewers of imported olives, pickled vegetables, steamed shrimp, and even crisp bacon are used to finish a Bloody Mary in some eateries and night-spots. 

A well-made Bloody Mary hits the spot any time of the day, any time of the year. Change-up the seasoning and garnish to make the drink a bit distinctive and to complement holiday themes or special events. Try these tips to create a better Bloody Mary!

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