Offering delivery for pizzas and other takeout items can provide great convenience for your customers, but keeping your drivers safe should be a priority when you set up the delivery side of your business. Here are a few options to consider that can help to keep your pizza delivery drivers safe while on the job.

Encourage Payment By Credit Card

Carrying cash can be a liability for drivers, as it makes them a potential target of theft. Consider encouraging customers to order online or by phone using a debit or credit card as an alternative to cash. You can even offer a small discount on credit card orders to help customers make this choice. While you may have to pay a credit card processing fee for each transaction, you'll be rewarded with the knowledge that your drivers won't have to carry a large quantity of money while they are out on deliveries.

Take this idea one step further by investing in vehicle magnets that state your drivers carry no more than a set amount of money, such as $10 or $20, at a time. This can further discourage would-be robbers.

Equip Your Drivers With GPS Systems

While many smartphones feature GPS systems, the accuracy of the apps on phones can vary greatly. Instead of relying on whatever system your employees have, invest in independent GPS systems that can be mounted to the dashboard of the delivery vehicles. This prevents drivers from having to access their phones while driving, and it ensures that all of your drivers are getting uniform information about locations in the area. Be sure to update the software on each GPS system as needed to keep each device up to date.

Don't Require Uniforms

Uniforms can draw unwanted attention to your drivers, particularly if they will be delivering in potentially unsafe neighborhoods. Instead, allow them to wear their regular street clothes and jackets. Your customers can recognize they have the right person knocking on their door when they see your restaurant logo on the insulated delivery bag, so they can feel more comfortable.

Limit Evening Delivery Hours

Making late-night deliveries can be dangerous, and they may make your drivers feel uneasy while doing their jobs. Consider limiting your delivery hours at night, and instead provide discounts for pickup orders placed outside of your delivery hours. This can keep your drivers off the road when bars are letting out or when walking through a neighborhood at night might be too perilous for your staff.

The safety of your employees should be your top priority. Use these ideas, and ask your drivers what would help them to feel safe when they are doing their deliveries.