Going out when you are on a strict budget can be an event that is around once a month. Living on a budget can give you plenty of financial cushion, but it can also put a damper on some fun events as well. If you tend to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home, your family may look forward to the times where you are able to go out and enjoy a dinner at a restaurant on International Drive. To make dining out an even more special event, you should make it a big event for the entire family. Here are three steps to making a family restaurant night even more special. 

Have everyone get business casual or better

Most people have clothing in their closet that they have not yet worn. For many, this includes clothing that is created for big nights out. Have everyone in the family get dressed in order to go to the restaurant. Everyone should get business casual clothing or better, including dresses, slacks, collared shirts, and nice shoes. Let everyone know one day ahead that the family will be going out so that everyone can prepare by looking nice. 

Select a restaurant with multiple food types

When you only go out once a month or so, you want to make sure that everyone gets a dish that they enjoy. go to a diner that serves a number of different cuisines. This way no one in the family will have to give up what they enjoy on one of their few nights out. Before you plan each night out, look at the menus of restaurants that you are interested in. Select a restaurant that offers the widest variety of food and drink choices so that everyone has an enjoyable night. 

Use the night to celebrate 

Good report cards, promotions at work, and even saving more money than usual are all reasons to celebrate. Use your family night on the town as a chance to celebrate all of the good things that have happened since the last time you went out to dinner as a family. Go around the table and let everyone announce what they are most proud of accomplishing during the past month. After everyone has announced what they want to celebrate, you can order a dessert for the entire family to share. This can be a sweet way to end your routine monthly family night out.