When you are in the business of making cakes for a wedding, you hold a job that is of the utmost of importance. A wedding cake is like the crown jewel of a wedding reception, and it is one of the more costly things a bride and groom will buy to feed their guests. Therefore, you have to make sure that your bakery business is capable of providing a range of styles and choices that any bride or groom could find a favorite among. While you will definitely want a large range of wedding cake choices, three primary types of cakes should always be available in your selection book for customers to stem their ideas from with their own order. Here are three always-trending wedding cake designs. 

The Minimalist Wedding Cake 

The minimalist wedding cake is for the played down wedding reception that is going to have more basic designs or a rustic feel. These cakes often have a light crumb coating of frosting and may only be adorned with small details like baby's breath flowers, fruits, or small pearls of frosting as trim. However, they exude a certain level of charm that some customers are truly going to be looking for when it comes to their wedding plans. 

The Floral Wedding Cake

Floral wedding cakes are one type of wedding cake that has been a longstanding staple for the traditional wedding for a really long time. Floral cakes never really go out of style because there can be so many variations. There has been a shift in recent years to people using real flowers instead of sugar flowers for the cakes; nevertheless, these are floral designs. If you want a nice selection of wedding cakes for your customers, make sure you have a nice assortment of floral designs to choose from with both real flowers and flowers made from fondant, pulled sugar, or icing.  

The Tiered Wedding Cake

Tiered wedding cakes have two, three, four, or more tiers that are stacked directly on top of each other but separated by posts and plates so decor can be added between each layer and the cake has a nice height when assembled. Tiered wedding cakes allow the bride and groom to select specific toppers or decorations to include in the design. Plus, the tiered design makes it easy to pull apart layers of the cake for serving.