Pizza makes the perfect food choice for a birthday party. Since so many people love pizza, you can't go wrong by choosing a cheese-topped tomato pie for the main course. Going beyond typical choices such as plain cheese and pepperoni and catering to the birthday boy or girl's tastes make sense. For active, sporty people, ordering a customizable pizza could be a nice touch.

Sporty Pizza Tie-Ins

Active people embrace all sorts of different sports. Trying to figure out how to connect a beloved game to a pizza isn't complicated. A little thought and research lead to making the right choice. Here are a few examples:

The Surfer Pizza: Surfing is popular pretty much anywhere waves exist. Of all the locations, Hawaii is a surfer's dream paradise. Requesting a pizza with a Hawaiian flavor may be the perfect choice for a lifestyle surfer. Toppings such as pineapple, Kalua pork, and old-fashioned ham embody a Hawaiian style. A surfer could appreciate the selection.

The Soccer Pizza: With the U.S.A. Women's Soccer Team winning the World Cup, the sport saw its profile increase. Soccer players must possess a high level of fitness and endurance. A vegan diet helps the cause of staying in shape. A vegan pizza, one minus burdensome animal fat, can be a smart choice for a soccer player.

The Bodybuilder Pizza: Bodybuilders frequently rely on protein to build up their muscles. Chicken and lean ground beef provide an excellent supply of protein, and both work fine as toppings. Adding a little broccoli, onions, and other vegetables along with olive oil and little cheese might be perfect for a pumping iron enthusiast. Health shops sell high-protein baking powder. Maybe you can request to add it to the dough.

Offer a Focus on Health

Pizza doesn't always land on lists of nutritious foods. Pizza can be nutritious depending on the particular recipe and toppings. Active people don't always like to cheat on their diet even at birthday time. You can honor them on their special day and allow them to reach for a slice without any guilt by choosing a custom pizza option that caters to their fitness lifestyle.

There are many ways to order customized pizza for big and small celebrations. Start today by asking the birthday boy or girl what they like, then compare your options and call services such as Scittino's Italian Market Place. Most pizza restaurants are happy to customize for you.