A restaurant that bakes it own bread can offer fresh, tasty bread products to its customers daily—thus helping to boost the dining experience for everyone. If you've made a commitment to begin baking your own bread in your restaurant, one of the pieces of equipment that you'll want to buy is a proofing cabinet. This is a special storage device that allows bread to rise before you place it in the oven. The value of a proofing cabinet is that you can control the temperature inside, ensuring that your bread rises properly. If you're shopping for a stainless steel proofing cabinet for your restaurant kitchen, here are some details to look for.

Glass Door

You'll often find that while proofing cabinets have stainless steel walls, the door itself has a glass window in it. This isn't always the case, but cabinets with windows are markedly more useful. This feature will allow you to occasionally peek into the cabinet to see the current status of the bread. Doing so is better than opening the door of the cabinet, as doing so will change the temperature inside of the unit by allowing some of the heat to escape. This may impact how your bread rises.

High-Quality Gasket

You should also compare the gaskets around the doors of various proofing cabinets that you're evaluating. Don't be shy about asking a salesperson for his or her insight on this topic, either. You need to choose a product that has a high-quality gasket. This part of the cabinet is integral for preventing the exchange of air between the interior of the cabinet and the space outside of it—an issue that could affect how the bread rises. Your salesperson can likely recommend a specific proofing cabinet manufacturer that is known for its high-quality gaskets.

Multiple Racks

Stainless steel proofing cabinets are filled with racks that allow you to hold the bread products that you're inserting to rise before baking. Different proofing cabinets have different rack designs, so it's important to look for a product that suits you. For example, if you plan to make large batches of bread each morning, you may find that a proofing cabinet with a lot of racks is a better choice than one with a smaller number of racks. Visit a local restaurant equipment supplier (such as Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.) to see different types of stainless steel proofing cabinets and speak to a salesperson to learn more.