Pizza restaurants are pretty common across the United States. However, people very often order pizza as a takeout or delivery item, meaning that they end up eating it at home. So, dining out and eating pizza at the actual pizza restaurant can be a bit of a unique experience the first time or two you do it. While eating pizza at a restaurant is not rocket science, as the saying goes, you may benefit from a couple of tips as you do so.

Order pizza to share

Some pizza restaurants offer small pizzas that are meant to serve one person. But unless you are dining alone, you are better off ordering a big pizza (or several if you have a large party) for everyone to share, rather than having everyone order their own pizza. This is often the far more affordable way to go. Plus, if everyone plans on sharing, you can generally order two or three different types of pizza, which adds a nice variety to the meal.

Let it cool for a minute before diving in

When you order takeout pizza, it gets a chance to cool down before it arrives at your home. So you can generally dig right in once the pizza is in front of you. When you dine at the restaurant, on the other hand, the pizza generally gets brought from the oven straight to your table. So when your server sets it down, it will still be really hot. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before anyone dares to take a slice. If you move too soon, the cheese will slide right off, and you may burn yourself.

Use your knife and fork if you must

When you're not on your living room couch eating pizza, there's a bit more incentive to stay tidy. If you're struggling to eat your pizza without getting tomato sauce all over, then feel free to set the slice down on a plate and eat it with your knife and fork. It might feel a little odd at first, but if you look around the restaurant, you may not be the only one doing it. Sometimes, if you eat the less structurally sound "tip" of the pizza slice with your fork, you can then pick up the rest without being so messy.

Dining out at a pizza restaurant is a bit different from ordering delivery. But it can still be a delicious experience, especially if you follow the tips above. Keep these tips in mind when deciding to dine at a pizza restaurant near you, such as Original Italian Pizza Pa.