A happy hour is a promotional tool many restaurants and bars use to bring in customers. A happy hour involves using a special promotion or discount to sell food or beverages at a special price for a set time frame on a set day. Some places do this type of promotion every day to keep customers rolling through.

The goal of a promo like this is to bring people in during slow times of the day or to encourage new patrons to come in. A happy hour can help create regular patrons as well, which is more money in your pocket and helps you gain customer loyalty. Here are signs your restaurant could benefit from a happy hour.

You need more business

Whether you are an established business that has been in operation for years or you are brand new in your area and you need to bring in customers, a happy hour can be a great way to have more reach in your community. Since this type of event draws in customers for a great meal on a budget, you can gain popularity among your community when you add happy hour one day a week to your marketing tactic.

You need more social media presence

Do you get plenty of patrons but you want to have a larger social media presence? Posting a happy hour online can be one way to make your establishment more prevalent on social media and help your company shine. A happy hour can be for online or mobile orders only to make the screen presence that much better or can extend to in-person dining as well. Whichever area of your restaurant you want to have more customer engagement is where your happy hour can be used.

You need to fill in slow days

Do you have a consistently slow day where you hardly get any patronage at all? This is where a happy hour can be used. Do you have some times of day that are exceptionally lacking? This is where a happy hour can be used as well. A happy hour doesn't have to be seriously discounted to make a difference; simply having free or discounted soft drinks during a set time frame can bring in more customers and help your business put more money in profits on days you usually don't make a lot of money.

A happy hour can benefit your restaurant in many ways. Play around with some times to see what works best for your business. 

For more information about happy hour, visit a local restaurant like Down The Hatch Maui.