Whether you're visiting a buffet-style Chinese restaurant or a Chinese eatery with a standard menu, you can expect to have the option of enjoying a bowl of soup. Even if you're eager to dig into a chicken or shrimp dish, along with a serving of fried rice, it can be nice to begin your dining experience with a serving of soup. Different Chinese restaurants may have different soup options, but you can expect to see these three staples on the menu of virtually every establishment.

Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is arguably the most common soup in Chinese restaurants. You'll find it on the menu and on the buffet — often, with many people filling their bowls with it, due to its popularity. Wonton soup is known for its unique ingredients. Balls of pork and spices wrapped in wonton paper are the prime attraction in this soup, but you'll often also find carrot slices and green onions. Many wonton soups also include thin slices of barbecued pork, which helps to increase the protein content of this dish.

Hot And Sour Soup

Another popular soup option that you'll find at virtually every Chinese restaurant is hot and sour soup. This is a soup that has a unique taste, including a tangy flavor that you might enjoy. This tang primarily comes from vinegar, which is one of the main ingredients in the soup. Hot and sour soup often contains a wide range of ingredients. This list can include one or more types of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and more. There aren't typically pieces of meat in this soup, but it generally uses a chicken or pork broth, so you can expect to get some of these flavors with each spoonful.

Egg Drop Soup

You can also expect to see egg drop soup on the menu. If you're acquainted with another soup type and want to try something new, this can be a good option. This soup gets its name because of how it's prepared. The restaurant's kitchen staff slowly pour eggs into the hot broth, which causes the egg to cook quickly. The result is thin strands of cooked egg that fill the broth, giving you a unique texture and flavor. Egg drop soup tends to be simple in terms of ingredients. Other than the broth and the egg, it often only includes things such as green onions. Learn more about each of these soups by visiting a Chinese restaurant.  

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